Types of Fabric Filters

Fabric filters, otherwise known as bagfilters and bag houses are basically air pollution control devices that are designed to get rid of particular matter from gas stream by means of passing dirty air through layer of cloth. Read more about fabric filter at   check it out!  .The particulate matter is deposited on cloth surface while the clean air passes through. Out of all the air pollution devices and technologies made, the fabric filters are most popular particulate removal device that are used in various industrial processes nowadays.

Fabric filters may be categorized broadly into three major types and these are shaker, reverse air as well as pulse jet.

Shaker - in mechanical shaker fabric filter, tubular filter bags are actually fastened to a cell plate at the base of the bagfilters and is suspended from the horizontal beams at top. Dirty gas then enters at the base and it passed through the filter.Read more about fabric filter at   view here! . The dust is collected inside the surface of bags.

Cleaning such device can be done by simply shaking the top horizontal bar to which the bags are suspended. The vibration produced by the motor driven shaft as well as cam is creating waves in bags in order to shake the dust cake off.

Reverse Air - for this, the bags are fixed firmly to the cell plate at the base and is suspended from adjustable hanger frame at top. Dirty gas flows that enters the baghouse and is passed through the bag inside while the dust is collected inside the bag.

Reverse air baghouses are arranged in different modules. Before you start with the cleaning, the filtration is stopped right in the compartment for it to be cleaned. Then, by blowing air to the dust collector in an opposite direction, that is how the bags are cleaned as the compartment is pressurized. The pressure helps in making the bags to partially collapse which cause cracks to the dust cake and fall to the hopper. As the cleaning is about to finish, the reverse airflow is discontinued and the compartment returns to its main stream.

Pulse Jet - the benefit that pulse jet filters have that reverse air filters and shakers don't have is that, it can operate continuously and be cleaned without flow interruption. This is due to the reason that the burst of compressed air is relatively smaller than the total volume of gas that passes through the collector. The pulse jet collector isn't compartmentalized as well which lets it to operate at high air to cloth ratios.Learn more from

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